Psalm 4:7 You have put joy in my heart, more than (others know) when their wheat and new wine have yielded abundantly.

Jesus' Joy
Feelings are fickle
And emotions come and go
However, there's a truth
Most of us don't know
We don't have to accept
Oppression, despair and fear
God's Word has said
And made it quite clear
The LORD has provided
Peace for our pathways
And joy in our journeys
For ALL of our days

We don't have to take
Whatever Satan sends
Jesus overcame his evil
And made perfect amends
For us as His children
To live happy and free
Of all the evil inventions
Satan planned for you and me
The often depressive,
Disparaging feelings that surface
Have roots of evil
Not goodness and grace

They are not fitting
For children of Light
Our Savior fought
And won the fight
For us to live victoriously
Each moment, everyday
Never wasting our time
Battling clouds of gray
So, refuse to accept
Anything inferior or less
Than Jesus' own joy,
His hope and happiness

You don't have to make it
All on your own
He's already provided it
You are not alone
He's the Master Healer
Who delights to impart
His own brand of bliss
In our weary, worn heart
Just bow your head
Ask, and you will see
How He gently places joy
Where sadness used to be

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Just Sit tight
This unpleasant season
That you are going through
Has come for a reason -
To strengthen and bless you
These trials are all by design
And God's working them out
Just stay steadfast
And let go of your doubt
You've had hurts and hardships
And you feel all alone
But these are just 'blessings'
That He is working on
I know right now
You feel hopeless and sad
But this season has arrived
For your good, not bad
Don't be discouraged -
Run to Him, not away
If you will just 'sit tight'
Good things are coming your way
Don't let doom and despair
Darken your sight
Believe every moment
That He's making things right
For these are just avenues
That He's working through -
Just the means and methods
Of bringing His best to you

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Jesus Others You (JOY)
Joy only comes
When priorities are right
It's simply a matter
Of improving our sight
Fixing your focus
On Jesus, others, then you
Fills an empty heart
As nothing else can do
Our focus affects us
To the core of our being
Because joy depends
On what we are seeing
The quickest path
To depression and despair
Is to set your focus
On you and your care
When your vision improves
Your despair will too
For the pathway to depression
Is paved with thoughts of 'you'
If you want more joy
In your heart everyday
Dwell less on yourself
And things not going your way
Seeking our own happiness
Is a no-win fight
Increasing our discontent
Both day and night
Set your sights on Jesus
And love others too
Forget yourself and your care
And 'joy' will find you

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A Heart to Help
Dear Lord, I want my life
To count for You today
Let me not walk
My own self-centered way

Open my heart to the hurt
Of every woman and man
With a desire to help someway
And to believe that I can

Teach me to share
The things You've given me
To be a blessing to those in need
And to feed a child who is hungry

Let me not hold back the Truth
Of Your love and grace
Regardless of the consequences
Or the rejection I face

You gave Your best for me
So nothing less from me will do
And when we are serving others
In reality, we're serving You

We must have the vision to see
A drink offered to each needy one
Is a drink received
By God's own precious Son

For while that drink lays
Still damp on the lips of a child
Our Savior in Heaven tasted
Of your generosity and smiled

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1 Kings 18:41 And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.

Abundance of Rain
Are there things
That you've been praying for
But you've just given up
Believing for them anymore
You've prayed and you've prayed
And nothing seems to come of it
We MUST keep on believing
The rain won't come if we quit
Keep listening for the sound
Of abundance of rain
God has heard your prayers
And your faith is never in vain
And when the rain comes
It will be an abundant downpour
Because He always gives
Over and above what we ask for
So, don't ever give up
Keep asking to receive
God's blessings will eventually rain
On the lives of those who believe

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Dare to be Real
Learn to love
The person you are
God made us as different
As each shining star
Don't expect others to be like you
For life would then be a bore
He created as many personalities
As sands on the seashore
We all make up His world
And we each have our place
We must learn to appreciate
His handiwork and never abase
Even one of the precious ones
That He's placed on Earth
We all have many differences
But share the same worth
Value the uniqueness of others
And appreciate your own
For God gave your personality
To you and you alone
Never ever imitate
The things that others do
You will only truly fit
when you are uniquely you
For God made a place
That only you can fill
As you accept yourself
And dare to be real

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Flying Free
It's never an easy task
To get free from oppression
Emotional bondage
Brings pain and depression
A butterfly in his cocoon
Yearns to be free
A caterpillar, with a desire
To be who he was meant to be
He struggles to be loosed
From his prison, as nature intended
All the while he sets his sights
On future wings, colorfully splendid
We struggle to get free
From our bondage and pain
For we all have something
To leave behind in order to gain
The happy, joyous life
That our Father intends
Which is produced when our faith
Unites with the grace He sends
Just trust in His promises
Claim them as yours and you'll see...
His Words are the wings
That will set you free

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Psalms 22:3 But Thou art holy, O Thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

God Inhabits our Praise
When you are feeling down
And nothing's going right
And the future seems
Anything but bright
It's time to praise God
And let your sorrows go
Just lift up your hands
And bow your head low
Remember all the times
That He's brought you through
And all of the troubles
From which He's rescued you
Believe in your heart
That He will do it again
For His Word has promised
There's no battle we can't win
As we start to worship
In the middle of our pain
We have nothing to lose
And everything to gain
When we begin to praise God
Something miraculous takes place
For heart-felt worship always
Moves our Father's hand to grace
His Word says He inhabits our praises
So lift your hands to the sky
And prepare to be delivered
For God, Himself, is stopping by

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God is Good all the Time
God is good all the time
But, at times, we place the blame
On Him when things go wrong
And dishonor His holy name
But bad things happen
For many different reasons
And into each life there comes
Difficult times and seasons
God is good all the time
And never varies at all
Would the One Who loves us most
Find some joy to see us fall
God is our refuge and strength
When we take His Word to heart
Although while we're in this world
We'll always share a part
Of the evils that inevitably come
To everyone under the sun
But His children have a hand to hold
Through each and every one
God is good all the time
And He changes never
So we can count on His love
Today...and forever

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God's Word - Our Mirror
God's Word is a mirror
He has given for correction
As we look into It
We can see our reflection
All our flaws and imperfections
Are spotted easily there
Things that may take us by surprise
Of which we're often unaware
It will show us the wrongs
We must change and amend
Selfish lifestyles and ways
That must come to an end
Our reflection in a looking glass
Grows unlovely as time goes by
But in the mirror of God's Word
To self we die
And this death is a beautiful thing
For our selfish desires fade
Time enhances the process
Into a brand new image we are made
We are growing to look like Him
How beautiful we will be
As each day reveals
More of Him and less of me
This is an inner beauty
The outer appearance may disguise
It's the beauty of a Godly heart
Unseen by human eyes

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We are His Hands
Night falls upon hungry children
And the endless sobbing starts
They are cold, they are frightened
Hopeless little hearts
Hurting mothers listen
To an agony they cannot end
They watch them dying daily
With a pain that will not mend
“Why does God allow it;
Why doesn’t He do something,” we say
“If God were a God of love,
He wouldn’t let people live that way”
We complain and blame Him
But what we fail to recognize
Is that WE are the Hands of God
It’s up to us to dry their eyes
He’s working His miracles daily
Through the heart that understands
That God uses ‘people’ to help people,
…….for WE are His Hands

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